Photo Gallery of Trees and Shrubs

This is a photo gallery of the trees and shrubs we have found growing in the farm, plus the ones we planted. When you click on the caption, you will see a full-screen photo of the plant. If you want to read more about that plant or see more pictures, click on the caption underneath … Continue reading “Photo Gallery of Trees and Shrubs”

New Bird Records, #s 99 and 100!

August was a great month to be at the refuge. We hired people to remove the aroma growing near the cottage. We planted Amugis trees and Leea shrubs. Tonji used the grass cutter to clear the hagonoy that took over the picnic lot after my failed Hagonoy Eradication Project No. 1. We saw lots of … Continue reading “New Bird Records, #s 99 and 100!”

Pandakaking Puti

Tabernaemontana macrocarpa Family: Apocynaceae Common Name: pandakaki, kampupot (in Batangas), pandakaking gubat Reference: Origin: endemic, also reported in Taiwan and Celebes I’m told it looks beautiful when in full bloom. The fruit is not edible. Found all over the farm. Called kampupot at the farm, but the name usually refers to the double-petalled sampaguita … Continue reading “Pandakaking Puti”