Photo Gallery of Weeds and Other Plants

This is a gallery of the weeds and other plants that we have found growing in the farm. When you click on the caption, you will see a full-screen photo of the plant. If you want to read more about that plant or see more pictures, click on the caption underneath the photo. You will … Continue reading “Photo Gallery of Weeds and Other Plants”

Weeds and Other Plants List

Click on the name to go to the page about that plant. Agas-Moro┬áVernonia cinerea Amor Seco Andropogon aciculatus Aroma Acacia farnesiana Cinderella Weed Syndrella nodiflora Dalupang Urena lobata Dila-Dila Elephantopus scaber Grass Hagonoy Chromolaena odorata Kandikandilaan Stachytarpheta indica Kawayan Bambusa sp Limang-Sugat Pseuderanthemum bicolor Lantana Lantana camara Makahiya Mimosa pudica Malvaceae sp Obscure Morning Glory … Continue reading “Weeds and Other Plants List”