Solanum incanum

Family: Solanaceae (nightshade)

Common Name: Talong-talongan

Distribution: found in waste places at low and medium altitude

Reference: Stuartxchange.org

This looks like a small tree. According to Stuartxchange the unripe fruit is eaten raw or cooked. But it tastes bitter, hence its other name “Bitter Apple”.

Talong is eggplant in Pilipino. The flowers and leaves look similar to eggplant.

Tonji was cutting the grass in the horse paddock. He found this plant.

Tonji: What is this plant?
Me: Looks like talong.
Tonji: How can it be talong, it looks like a tree! Ambet, please look at the plant. What is it?
Ambet: Tawag namin diyan talong-talongan.
Tonji: Ano??
Me (under my breath): TALONG!!

it has thorns
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