A Wonderful Gift

What a great gift! Well, ok it wasn’t for me. It was the husband’s Father’s Day present, but she said it was also sort of for me because I am in it. She posted it on her Tumblr and said “My parents as the farmers in “American Gothic” by Grant Wood because they are farmers now in real life”.  My daughter is an artist and lives across the world from us.

She said that it’s only now that she and her siblings are out of the house and I am now busy with my new farmer/horse trainer life that she realizes how much of my time I spent on them all these years. Thank you! I did spend a lot of time on you and your siblings! And now that I am in this new phase, pursuing my dreams, it’s like we’re both in our twenties .. but I’m doing better! I certainly feel less angst-filled than when I was her age.

That’s what I remember when I see this picture.  Thanks for the wonderful gift!

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