Takoy and Tippy

Takoy has a new friend! After months of being an only horse, Takoy has a horse buddy! We adopted Tippy, our friend Vanna’s well-mannered, beloved, retired dressage horse.

After a few months of seeming to do ok as an only horse, Takoy was looking more and more lonely. When we would arrive at the cottage, he would come up to us as for some pats and attention. He seemed so lonely I considered getting him some goats. But as Tonji pointed out, we were already set-up to handle two horses, so might as well get another horse rather than goats. Plus, the ideal companion for a horse is another horse!

I was so excited for Tippy to go to our place. Two months before he arrived, I told Takoy that he was going to have a companion very soon! Then Tippy’s transfer got delayed, so I just kept telling Takoy that his companion was arriving soon. There was just a little delay.

When  Tippy finally arrived, I swear I saw Takoy’s eyes widen with surprise! He called out, but didn’t immediately approach. Then when Tippy was inside the paddock and walking around, Takoy approached him and couldn’t stop sniffing him. Tippy was more interested in eating grass. We usually think of Takoy as a composed, old man. But now he was behaving like  a pesky little brother! The big height difference also made Takoy look more like a little kid brother.

Takoy looks tiny!
eating grass side by side
eating grass side by side
hanging out
hanging out
more eating grass side by side
more eating grass side by side
more hanging out
more hanging out

It was great to see Tippy enjoying his new surroundings. He was very calm and didn’t look like he was trying to bolt or plot his escape. He just wanted to taste all the different kinds of grass! We were surprised to see him eating even the grass that Takoy refuses to eat. After a lot of sniffing and walking and side by side munching of grass, Takoy walked back to the horse house, stood beside me, and looked me in the eye as if to say, “Thanks!”. He reminded me of Momo asking for pats and reassurance. So I stroked his back, neck, and face.

Here’s a video of the two of them running around in the rain! We hadn’t see Takoy running around like that in a long time.

It’s amazing how just a few little changes can make a big difference.
Which makes me think of this list.

Things That Have In Recent Times Increased The General Happiness Quotient of This Place:

  1. Takoy having a friend!
  2. Cruelty-free meals – Tonji and I no longer eat animal products. It no longer made sense to limit our advocacy to only birds or only wildlife but not animals like pigs, cows, goats, and chickens.  Added bonus: clean up after meals is now much easier!
  3. Having matching bolos for cutting down invasive plants like hagonoy!

    my wedding anniversary gift to Tonji!

8 thoughts on “Takoy and Tippy”

    1. Hi Trinket! Weird no, he looks so tiny. Now I know why one of my friends commented before that Takoy looks so small. She’s used to seeing these very tall dressage and jumping horses!

  1. Where’s the tissue? This made me cry. Thanks for taking in Tippy. I’m so happy he’s in a wonderful place, being cared for by wonderful people. He was a frisky, energetic horse when he arrived at 5 years old from New Zealand. He was also a good jumper and in the 18 years he’s been in the Philippines, we won many medals together. I feel like he’s finally home and where he should be. Thanks Sylvia and Tonji.

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