My husband and I became birdwatchers and bird photographers in 2008. We travelled all over the Philippines looking for birds. We saw a lot of great birds in a lot of amazing places. We also saw lot of habitats being destroyed.  We dreamt of a place of our own full of birds and trees. Minding the Farm is the story of our dream.

It's no longer yellow!
It’s no longer yellow!

Our photographs of the birds of the Philippines are in tonjiandsylviasbirdlist.com .


And this is what I wrote when I first started up this blog:

I’m starting a farm from scratch. Without any background in farming. Or even gardening. No, I am not one of those people who has a green thumb. And I’m getting a horse too! My youngest who is off to college said, “Mom, you are literally doing the euphemism for dying — you’re buying the farm!” But it doesn’t feel like dying at all.  I am so excited. Just the thought of all the new things I’ll be learning and trying makes me giddy with excitement and anticipation. I want to write it all down. With lots of pictures!

This is where I write about all the new things I’m learning.  About names of trees and weeds. About making forests and sanctuaries.  This is where I put together all the pieces that make up my farm.

Welcome to my farm, my dream!




10 thoughts on “About”

  1. What a wonderful experience Sylvia! How I would love to do all that. I love plants and will help you as much as I can. Please keep me posted on all your escapades over at the farm.
    A big hug,

  2. Interesting blog about an exciting venture! I can totally relate; I’ve had similar experiences and it’s always great to learn I am not alone. Keep up the good work!

  3. Wow! Just read everything in your blog as shared thru Natural Farming in the Philippines FB. Thank you very much for sharing your dream farm, thoughts and photos…your beautiful life. Like you, I also have a dream of having my very own forest someday…where I can live in peace and harmony with nature. I admire your courage in a new adventure. Looking forward to read more.

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