We’re Doing Ok!

How many trees have we planted so far?

In 2012 we planted 238 trees. There may have been a few¬† more that slipped through my official list. We bought most of these trees, but a few were given by friends. Our biggest donor was our neighbor back home who gave us 40 Malabulak! Continue reading “We’re Doing Ok!”

Horses in the Backyard, That Was the Plan

When we were planning out the un-farm, the husband had firm ideas about where to put the horse paddock. He wanted it right behind the house. He wanted it to be the first thing I saw when I woke up in the morning. Don’t put the horses too far away, he said. He was worried I would get lazy to go to them and end up ignoring them. Put them in a nice, big paddock right behind the house where they can’t be missed! Continue reading “Horses in the Backyard, That Was the Plan”

Horses, I Have Grossly Underestimated You!

When the only horses you have met are riding school horses and for-hire ponies, you get a very skewed picture of what a horse is like. You look at things like height, color, and how well they move. What a pleasant surprise to find out that horses are so much more Continue reading “Horses, I Have Grossly Underestimated You!”