More Tree Planting

We had an unseasonably sunny spell! So, these little babies were on hold. No planting first until it rains more. Tonji says there is a short La Niña and that it should start raining again soon. Crossing fingers. Everything looks nice and lush though.

Kulis, Kalabuyo, and Wayang
Kulis, Kalabuyo, and Wayang, August 2016

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Philippine Teak

We have 3 Philippine Teak seedlings! Yey!! They were given to us by our neighbor Dr. Ed Gomez. They came from the beautiful tree that he planted at the back of the U.P. Diliman Marine Science Institute compound. The tree is featured in the book Shades of Majesty 88 Philippine Native Trees. Continue reading “Philippine Teak”

Tree Planting 2016

It’s rainy season, time to plant the seedlings! These were grown from seeds that were planted in October 2015. They are the biggest of the seedlings we have growing in the tree nursery. A lot of the seedlings have grown so robustly that their tap roots have struck out of the bag and are growing into the soil of the nursery floor.  Uh oh, we will have to do some careful digging to get them out of the nursery.


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