Flueggea virosa

Flueggea virosa

Family: Phyllanthaceae

Common names: Suliak Daga

Reference: Co’s Digital Flora Facebook group for the ID, Useful Tropical Plants for the description

Origin: found in Southeast Asia to norther Australia, China, Africa, Arabian Peninsula to the Indian Subcontinent

This is a small tree or shrub with small, thorn-like branches. It has many tiny flowers that smell very fresh and pleasant. Its fruits look like white peas.

According to Useful Tropical Plants, it is one of the most important medicinal plants of the Sahel region. It is also used as an ornamental hedge. The fruits are juicy and edible, though somewhat bitter. The fruit is edible when mature enough to fall from the bush.

Some interesting uses of the plant:

  • twigs are cut and used as toothbrushes
  • where growing in the wild, the plant is seen as an indicator of ground water
  • a gum is obtained from the stems which has been used for sealing envelopes
  • the pounded leaves are used as an insect repellent

It is propagated by seeds.


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