Weeds and Other Plants List

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  1. Agas-Moro Vernonia cinerea
  2. Amor Seco Andropogon aciculatus
  3. Aroma Acacia farnesiana
  4. Cinderella Weed Syndrella nodiflora
  5. Dalupang Urena lobata
  6. Dila-Dila Elephantopus scaber
  7. Grass
  8. Hagonoy Chromolaena odorata
  9. Kandikandilaan Stachytarpheta indica
  10. Kawayan Bambusa sp
  11. Limang-Sugat Pseuderanthemum bicolor
  12. Lantana Lantana camara
  13. Makahiya Mimosa pudica
  14. Malvaceae sp
  15. Obscure Morning Glory Ipomoea obscura
  16. Paang Baliwis Malachra fasciata
  17. Punggapung Amorphophallus campanulatus
  18. Pukinggan Centrosema molle
  19. Rattle Pod Crotolaria assamica
  20. Sida rhombifolia
  21. Sleepy Morning Waltheria indica
  22. Suob Kabayo Hyptis suaveolens
  23. Tagulinaw Emilia sonchifolia
  24. Triumfetta rhomoidea
  25. Uraria Uraria lagopodioides
  26. Vernonia patula

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