Vernonia cinerea

Family: Asteraceae

Common Names: Ironweed, Tagulinay, Tagulinau (also refers to a different plant)

Origin: occurs in the Old World Tropics, introduced to the New World

Reference: Stuartxchange

  • has medicinal uses in the Philippines and other parts of the world
  • infusion of the plant is taken internally for cough
  • also used for wounds
  • leaves used for humid herpes, eczema, etc.
  • I should take a close up picture of this that shows the twenty or so tiny flowers in each head
  • flowers are “all perfect, the corolla all equal, tubular, slender 5-lobed, about 20 in each head”
another pretty weed

weeds and other plants

6 thoughts on “Agas-Moro”

  1. Oh, i heard the world ‘tagulinaw’ from my late father, didn’t know it is this one that i love to photograph but still unknown. Thanks for the end of my search!

      1. Hi Keith, it grows wild in fields and disturbed areas. It is not found in forests. This is what it says in Stuartxchange:
        -found throughout the Philippines in open, waste places in all settled areas at low and medium altitudes.
        – A common weed, flowering all the year.

  2. Good day Ma’am! We would like to ask you if you still remember where did you take the picture of the plant (Agas-moro)? We really need this plant for our research, thank you so much! šŸ™‚

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