Urena lobata

Family: Malvaceae

Common Name: Caesar Weed, Kulotan, Mangkit

Origin: found throughout the Philippines

Reference: Stuartxchange

  • plant is “exceedingly variable”
  • it has hairy leaves
  • flowers can be pink or purple
  • the fiber can be made into strong paper
  • it has medicinal uses
open flower
note the seed pod
seed pod of this one is almost dried up

flower about to open
flower about to open
hairy leaves and red stem
hairy leaves and red stem
not yet in flower
not yet in flower
shapely leaves and reddish stem
shapely leaves and reddish stem

weeds and other plants

7 thoughts on “Dalupang”

    1. So many different local names! Do you have the tree book of James LaFrankie? He has a great essay on the problems with using local names for id. But in the end, he says that if you’re going to be talking to the locals, then it makes sense to learn the local names.

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  2. Hi! I’am a student, and i have seen your article for this plant. Currently we are doing a experimental research, and this plant is our subject. We are having a hard time where we can find this caesar weed or dalupang plant. Do you mind telling us where we can find this plant?

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