Stachytarpheta indica

Family: Verbenaceae

Common Name: Kandikandilaan, blue snake weed, voodoo plant or voodoo flower (in the Bahamas!)

Reference: stuartxchange.com

Origin: introduced, native of tropical America, now pantropic

  • this is a weed found all over the farm, even in shady places
  • in Trinidad, there is report of use of leaves as high protein feed for horsesP1070859

    close up
    close up
Kandikandilaan, translated as “candle-like”

weeds and other plants

4 thoughts on “Kandikandilaan”

  1. I always call this Stachytarpheta jamaicensis, wonder if it is synonymous with S indica. I will check! We have lots of this too, i love it as the butterflies love it as nectar plants.

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