Pseuderanthemum bicolor

Family: Acanthaceae

Common Name: Limang-sugat, which means five wounds!, also called Shooting Star

Origin: introduced plant from Malaysia

Reference: Stuartxchange and Co’s Digital Flora Facebook Group

  • quite a dramatic common name — Five Wounds!
  • Lydia Robledo said “This is the larval host of a nice butterfly, I forgot now which. Will check. Just group them in one area away from your organized garden. They can be pretty invasive. I have them in my garden. I leave out a few in case the female butterfly is visiting.”
  • Derek Cabactulan said, “and now a pantropic naturalized weed”
  • I found this growing in the shade
It's a small flower
It’s a small flower
with my hand as reference
with my hand as reference


weeds and other plants

10 thoughts on “Limang-Sugat”

  1. Lots of these grow in our backyard as weeds. We call this plant zuma..and is very effective, as I tried for wasp sting, centipede and arachnid bites. My friend tried it for dog bite.

      1. you’re welcome. May I add, I also tried just recently the crushed leaves for my very itchy finger which I guess the start of an eczema…and it stopped.
        At present, I am doing a study on its anti-fungal effect.

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