Mimosa pudica

Family: Mimosoideae / Mimosaceae

Common Name: Makahiya, Bashful Mimosa, Sensitive Plant

Origin: introduced from tropical America

Reference: Stuartxchange

  • “The leaflets fold together in the early evening and reopens at sunrise. It is called bashful or sensitive because the leaflets fold together on touching, warming and shaking. The phenomenon is called seismonastic movement due to a rapid change in turgor pressure and changes in membrane permeability in the pulvini cells in the leaf regions with rapid movement of calcium ions. At night, the leaves also fold and bend, termed nyctonastic movements (reaction to absence of light).”
  • “When the leaflets fold together on touching, they reopen in about 10 minutes.”
  • This is a very common weed in the Philippines and known to most children who love to touch the leaves to make them close!
closed leaves
closed leaves
pink flower
pink flower
it has leaflets
it has leaflets

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4 thoughts on “Makahiya”

  1. This mimosa is of different species, i used to call it mimosa too, but later changed. However, i forgot, it’s in my later posts on Mimosa though, already searched a lot.

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