Rattle Pod

Crotolaria assamica

Family: Fabaceae (alt. Leguminosae)

Common Name: Rattle Pod, Rattleweed

Reference: Japanese Wild Flowers

Origin: native, also found in China, Taiwan, Japan, Vietnam, Laos, Thailand, Myanmar, India. Usually found in roadsides or in fields

  • a member of the bean family Fabaceae
  • When the seed pod dries, the seeds rattle inside. Hence, names “Rattle Pod” and “Rattleweed”.
  • There are many kinds of Crotolaria with bright yellow flowers.
  • Similar species commonly found in the Philippines are Crotolaria retusa or Kalog-kalog, which has rounded leaves and Crotolaria quinquefolia or Suso-susoyan. Crotolaria quinquefolia has “palmately compound leaves of five leaflets” (stuartxchange.com).
  • ID from Lowell Aribal.
Crotalaria assamica
Crotalaria assamica, the flower buds opening up
Crotalaria assamica, close up of the leaves
the seed pod
the seed pod

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