Vernonia patula

Family: Asteraceae

Common Name: Vernonia, Ironweed

Origin: native, Asia

Reference: Medicinal Plants of Bangladesh,, Flora of China

  • this is an invasive weed of settled areas
  • it is found throughout the Philippines
  • it has medicinal uses
  • I’m not 100% sure of this ID because I could not get anyone to confirm, but it looks like the plant in this Flickr gallery
  • and there are many scientific papers on the Philippine plants that mention Vernonia patula
  • it seems like it’s a common plant in the Philippines, so that makes my ID more likely!
  • another weed from the same family that we have on the farm is Vernonia cinerea or Agas-Moro
no outer ring of petals or ray flowers
no outer ring of petals or ray flowers
long, thread-like stigmas
long, thread-like stigmas
round flower head
round flower head

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