Farm Bird List from April to August 2012

This is a list of the birds that we have seen at the farm during several visits from April to August 2012. For the birds that were seen more than one time, we put the highest number seen at any one time. Our first time to visit the farm was on 14 April. We were not able to visit the farm for most of May as we were out of the country. Some of the birds were only seen by the husband. I have some catching up to do! Continue reading “Farm Bird List from April to August 2012”

The Farm Bird List

I get excited by a good list. While it’s fun to tick off items from a checklist, a good list can be much more than that. One of my favorites of all my lists is my Bird List. Most birdwatchers keep some sort of bird list. The most usual one is the life list. A typical life list is a cumulative list of all the birds a birdwatcher has seen and identified in the wild. Captive or dead birds usually don’t count for life lists. Continue reading “The Farm Bird List”