We didn’t want Takoy to be an only horse for too long. After a few weeks of searching, our friend Mikeli found a horse for us!


Chiquita is an old retired school pony from Manila Polo Club. She is very old and has medical issues. We were warned that she is sometimes grouchy around other horses. She had been confined to this stall for the longest time. The people who knew her were happy to hear that she was going to be retired in a farm!

I thought she would be very excited about having a lot of space for grazing and walking around. When she first got out of the trailer, she grabbed some clumps of grass and started walking really fast. Then she ran and even got away from Ruel! Continue reading “Chiquita”

Is an Only Horse a Lonely Horse?

Takoy is now an only horse.  In an ideal situation, he would have a little band of fellow horses to hang out with. Horses are herd animals, so it’s natural for them to want the company of fellow horses. In a less ideal situation he would have one horse companion, a pasture buddy. The next option would be having a pasture buddy that is not a horse, like a goat or a donkey. Continue reading “Is an Only Horse a Lonely Horse?”