Ficus balete 

Family: Moraceae

Common Name: Balete

Origin: endemic to the Philippines

Reference: A Pictorial Cyclopedia of Philippine Ornamental Plants 2nd Edition by Dr. Domingo Madulid and Trees of Tropical Asia by James LaFrankie

  • this is a provisional ID
  • I still need to look at the leaves up close
  • description of Ficus balete leaves: “The leaves are alternate, oval, to 11 cm long and to 6 cm wide, leathery, dark green.”
  • widely distributed in forests in the Philippines at low and median altitudes
  • large tree 25 m or taller
  • it is growing in the creek
  • according to Trees of Tropical Asia by James LaFrankie, “species of ficus tend to show a preference for rich soils and wet ground.”
  • James LaFrankie also said “It is generally true that the density of wildlife is roughly proportional to the abundance of big figs.”
  • Ficus is the most species-rich genus of woody plants in Asia. Index Kewensis over 3000 names under Ficus, which represent perhaps 1000 species with a world-wide tropical distribution”
one of the taller trees on the farm
one of the taller trees on the farm

trees and shrubs

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