Antidesma ghaesembilla

Family: Phyllanthaceae

Common names: binayuyu, kabugbug

Reference: The Indi Journal

Origin: indigenous to Africa, India, Southeast Asia (including the Philippines) to Australia

    • found all over the farm
    • fruits are edible and may be made into wine and preserves
    • erosion control, riparian management, reforestation of dry or arid areas
    • pioneer species
    • living fence, living trellis
    • has rounded leaves
a big kabugbug tree
unripe fruits


trees and shrubs

3 thoughts on “Binayuyu”

  1. We visited an uncle’s rice field today and while most neighbouring rice fields had mango trees, my uncle’s had several binayuyu trees scattered throughout. I asked if those were planted and they said kusang tumubo daw yung mga yun, gawa ng dumi ng ibon. I just had to look it up to confirm that it’s a native species!

    1. In our place, we have guava all over that were planted by the birds. Guava is an introduced species, and can imagine that it got spread all over the country by the birds!

  2. Yeah, we have this in Apayao Province, we are currently conducting research about these native fruits

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