Antidesma ghaesembilla

Family: Phyllanthaceae

Common names: binayuyu, kabugbug

Reference: The Indi Journal

Origin: indigenous to Africa, India, Southeast Asia (including the Philippines) to Australia

    • found all over the farm
    • fruits are edible and may be made into wine and preserves
    • erosion control, riparian management, reforestation of dry or arid areas
    • pioneer species
    • living fence, living trellis
    • has rounded leaves
a big kabugbug tree
unripe fruits


trees and shrubs

2 thoughts on “Binayuyu”

  1. We visited an uncle’s rice field today and while most neighbouring rice fields had mango trees, my uncle’s had several binayuyu trees scattered throughout. I asked if those were planted and they said kusang tumubo daw yung mga yun, gawa ng dumi ng ibon. I just had to look it up to confirm that it’s a native species!

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