Canarium luzonicum

Family: Burseraceae

Common Name: Manila Elemi, Sahing, Pili, Piling Liitan, known in our area as Palsahingin. There is also another Pili Canarium asperum thats known as Pagsahingin. The fruits of this one seem to match the Canarium luzonicum more.

Reference: Stuartxchange

Origin: endemic to the Philippines

  • this tree has shiny green leaves
  • Canarium luzonicum, one of the best known and single largest source of the world’s supply of elemi. Manila elemi is a soft and fragrant oleoresin, oily, pale yellow to greenish, of honey consistency, balsamic in odor and bitter tasting.”
  • the parts of the tree used are the fruit and sap
  • we have several trees growing in different areas
close-up of the fruit
full view of the tree
another view of the leaves and fruit
close-up of the leaves
close-up of the leaves
with my arm as reference
with my arm as reference

trees and shrubs

8 thoughts on “Piling-liitan”

  1. Thanks for the photos! Needed it for my ethnobotany paper since I am doing a research on this plant 🙂

  2. Hi Sylvia,

    magnific pictures!

    I’m reserch about this tree and resines. May I use this photos for my work? This is a “commercial” project because I plan use this material before for courses, which will be pay.

    Cristina, from Mar del Plata, Argentina.

    PS: sorry for my poor english/

  3. Hi Sylvia! I just found out from our tree list that there are 12 Piling-liitan trees in Greenbelt! 🙂 And they’re between 20-30 years old. Your blog came up first when I searched “Piling-liitan.” Katuwa.

    1. Wow, who would have thought that they’re in Greenbelt!?
      I do get a lot of hits from people researching trees. I don’t think there’s much info on Philippine plants out there!

  4. Hello there may i just ask of this type of tree is used for construction/posaibly used for construction?

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