Psidium guajava

Family: Myrtaceae
Common Name: guava, bayabas


Origin: introduced from tropical America, thoroughly naturalized, pantropic

  • This is a very common tree with edible fruits. It reaches 3 meters high.
  • There are many small guava plants all over the farm. I assume they grew from seeds dispersed by birds that ate the guava fruits and seeds.
  • I have not seen a big guava tree in the farm yet.
  • Well known medicinal uses:
  • Fresh leaves used for wounds and toothache.
    – Decoction or infusion of fresh leaves used for wound cleaning to prevent infection and to facilitate healing.
    – decoction of leaves for aromatic baths
    – Decoction of bark and leaves used for diarrhea.
    – For diarrhea, boil for 15 minutes 4 to 6 tablespoons of chopped leaves in 18 ounces of water. Strain and cool. Drink 1/4 of the decoction every 3 – 4 hours.- Decoction of rootbark also used as mouthwash for swollen gums
  • My mom’s favorite breakfast is bread with a slice of cheese and some guava jelly.
bunch of fruits
bunch of fruits


guava fruit
guava fruit
a flower bud
a flower bud

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