Ficus ulmifolia

Family: Moraceae

Common Name: referred to as As-is in Batangas

Origin: endemic to the Philippines

Reference: Philippine Native Trees 101 Up Close and Personal

  • it has rough leaves that are used for scrubbing window sills, tables, and wood interiors and also cooking utensils
  • it has berry-like fruits
  • ficus is a fig tree, so the fruits are figs
  • When our caretaker showed me a this tree,  he pointed out the rough leaves and described how they were used for scouring and  polishing things in the house. I told him, I know that tree! I read about it in a book! The two articles in the book about this tree also described using the leaves for polishing wood.
  • Is-is means “to scrub”
  • This tree is in the IUCN Red List 2004
close up of the leaves
close up of the leaves
grows up to  3-5 meters
grows up to 3-5 meters

trees and shrubs

7 thoughts on “Is-Is”

      1. Thank you! so you just see this tree anywhere?like on the side of the road or is there a specific barangay or place where there are lots of this species present?:)

      2. I’ve only seen it inside my property. I think it’s common in the area though. My caretaker who is from there was the one who showed it to me when I was trying to identify the trees growing in the farm.

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