Cajanus cajan

Family: Fabaceae

Common Name: Kadios, Pigeon Pea

Origin: Probably prehistoric introduction from tropical Asia of Malaya.

Reference: Stuartxchange

  • erect, branched, hairy shrub
  • our caretaker said he saw this as a small plant and realized it was Kadios, so he didn’t mow it down!
  • he said it is usually planted by people and not a wild plant
  • it’s grown quite a bit since then!
  • 1-2 meters high
  • the leaves and seeds (found inside the pods) are eaten
  • other uses: As forage or hay.
    Branches and stems for basket and fuel
long, narrow, hairy leaves

bean pod
bean pod
bean pod
bean pod

trees and shrubs

3 thoughts on “Kadios”

  1. We call this “Kardis” in Ilocano. My father was once Farmer of the Year in our town, and he owns almost all kinds of native fruits and vegetables in our barangay. He worked so hard to feed his family, and I want to continue his legacy in providing/planting fruits and vegetable for my family. Now that I’m due for retirement anytime soon, I’m beginning to browse thru net, what are the do’s and don’ts in farming. I already planted different kinds of grafted fruit bearing trees from Zac Sarian Farm. I’m glad I found your website, I’m learning a lot from it. Keep on blogging and God bless.

    1. Hi Elvie, thanks so much for following my blog!
      How great that you are continuing your father’s work. It is so satisfying and rewarding to take care of land, plants, and nature. Wish you all the best in your farming journey. There’s a lot to learn, you’ll never get bored even if you’re already retired!

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