Buchanania arborescens

Family: Anacardiaceae

Common Name: Balinghasai

Origin: found widely from N Thailand to Bornea then north to the top of Luzon

Reference: Trees of Tropical Asia An Illustrated Guide to Diversity

        • this is one of the taller trees that’s already growing nicely on the farm
        • our caretaker identified it as Libas
        • Tristan Asuncion corrected the ID. Thanks Tristan!
        • according to Trees of Tropical Asia “… stands out when in flower because the entire canopy is filled with creamy white flowers.”
        • here’s a link to a photo of the flowers, which I haven’t seen yet:
Image at
medium sized to large tree up to 25 meters
medium sized to large tree up to 25 meters
green fruit
green fruit
close up of the fruit
close up of the fruit

trees and shrubs

6 thoughts on “Balinghasai”

  1. Maybe you will update this with the fruits, you will notice the lovely variation in color as the fruits ripen. My friend and I tried eating the ripe ‘kasoy’like’ fruits when playing as kids.

  2. hi! great informative blog! however, this i think is Balinghasai (Buchanania arborescens)….. Andrea’s description is pertaining to Ligas, which bears fruit similar to the Kasuy tree, but is different to Libas. Think the Sablot is also mis-id’d.

    1. Thanks a lot Tristan! I appreciate the corrections. I was relying on the local name given by our caretaker, but I know it can be tricky to rely on local names.

  3. What is the use of the wood , Are these fruits edible and tasty ?
    Ano ang silbi ng kahoy , Nakakain ba at malasa ang mga prutas na ito ?

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