Syzygium polycephaloides

Family: Myrtaceae

Common Name: Maigang, Baligang, Igot

Origin: endemic

Reference: Tropical Plants, Philippine Native Trees 101

  • ornamental fruit tree
  • recommended as a shade tree
  • edible fruit
  • moderately slow growth
  • evergreen
  • grows up to 15 meters
  • fruit can be made into jam
  • bought one sapling on 6 October 2012
  • bought 10 saplings on 31 October 2012

trees and shrubs

6 thoughts on “Lipote”

  1. I have liputi tress and seedlings in Sierra Madre Rizal province. The cooler the weather the sweeter berries are available. I encountered very sweet liputi berries in Kaliraya,Lumban,Laguna 8 years ago.

      1. lipote plants love moist soil and mild coolness of weather. They can tolerate 10C for few weeks and that cool weather induce flowering.

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