Bombax ceiba

Family: Bambacaceae / Malvaceae

Common Names: Red Silk Cotton Tree, Buboi-gubat

Origin: native species, also reported from India to southern China, and southward to Sumatra and Java.

  • it resembles the Kapok, an introduced species
  • grows up to 25 m
  • we learned about this tree from Dr. Ed Gomez when we were in the Ecology Committee of the village
  • he gave us all the saplings from the tree nursery he set up in the village!
  • he said that it looks beautiful when it blooms in February and March
  • it sheds its leaves and is covered in red flowers that attract a lot of insects
  • the insects bring in a lot of birds!
  • we intend plant them around the perimeter of the farm.

The prickly trunk makes this tree easy to recognize.

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