Mulawing Aso

Gmelina elliptica

Family: Verbenaceae / Lamiaceae

Common Name: Talungud

Origin: native to Asia

Reference: Stuartxchange , PhytoImages

  • our caretaker identified this tree as Mulawing Aso
  • according to Stuartxchange, there are two trees that are known as Mulawing Aso: Premna integrifolia (Alagau-gubat) and Gmelina elliptica
  • this tree more closely resembles the description of Gmelina elliptica as a “thorny, scrumbling shrub or small tree, growing up to 8 meters
  • So, I am presuming this is Gmelina elliptica
  • I will wait to see if it develops the yellow flower in this link: Image at 
growing in a clump
growing in a clump
thorny trunk
thorny trunk

trees and shrubs

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