Sablot (provisional ID)

Litsea glutinosa

Family: Lauraceae

Common Name: Indian Laurel. Locally known as Puso-puso, which is actually Actinodaphne multiflorum

Origin: native to the Philippines, also occurs in India to southern China, through Malaya to tropical Australia

Reference: Stuartxchange

  • small tree reaching 10-15 meters
  • has small yellowish flowers
  • it has medicinal uses


small tree
small tree

trees and shrubs

6 thoughts on “Sablot (provisional ID)”

  1. Good job sylvia keep posting . Sylvia i have produced macadamia seedling about 4 months old im planning to some of the seedlings by the the seeds came fr new zealand its average hheight is 12to 15 inches 09175305410 just in case ._. Thanks

  2. I like how detailed your plants description.It helps me a lot in identifying native plants.Thanks and keep posting.God Bless.🙏

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