Nephelium lappaceum

Family: Sapindaceae

Common Name: Rambutan

Origin: Cultivated in most parts of the Philippines. Also reported in India to Indo-China and Malaya, and extensively cultivated in Java and Malaya.

Reference: Stuartxchange

  • evergreen bushy tree
  • grows to 20 meters
  • edible fruit
  • Trinket’s mom’s trees are visited by Colasisis!!
  • Our caretaker says he hasn’t seen wild Colasisi in Batangas. We shall see about that!
  • Nevertheless, the tree looks quite beautiful when in fruit.
  • We should have asked the people in Talisay if they get Colasisi.
  • Bought from Talisay, Batangas. There are a lot of fruiting Rambutan trees along the road in Talisay.
  • we bought 8 grafted trees, they are not supposed to grow very tall
  • planted on 5 October 2012

trees and shrubs

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