Capparis micracantha

Family: Capparidaceae / Capparaceae

Common Name: local names are dawag or halubagat


Origin: also found in Thailand, India, Indonesia

  • A smooth,half-erect shrub.
  • Long leaves and round fruit.
  • Host plant of the Appias butterflies.
  • Abundant in Corregidor and Pico de Loro (Hamilo).
    • Found inside the tree line at the farm.
red fruit
the fruit
view of the leaves

Close-up of the leaf showing the stipules.
I found out recently that stipules are important in identifying plants.

This is the flower.


More photos of from another pathway. This was in June 2017

trees and shrubs

2 thoughts on “Salimbagat”

  1. Hi! I love to plant our native plants and some of them are the halubagat, balinawnaw, and talbak. Can i ask where i can get the seedlings? Thanx in anticipation of your help.

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