Mission Statement for the Farm

I had this idea that buying a farm meant embracing a simpler sort of life, being more attuned to nature, and being detached from the goods and glitz of the city. Yet even before we signed the deed of sale on our farm, we found ourselves in the middle of a shopping frenzy. We bought: cowboy boots, cowboy clothes (Wrangler! Levis!), doggie seat belts, horsemanship books and dvds, horse training gear, hats, and sunglasses.

Then the husband came home with this pick up truck:

Really honey? Bumble Bee?

Okaaaay, it can carry a lot of things, it’s very sturdy, and it’s a 4×4. But when the husband started talking about trading in some of our unused sporting gear for mini-trail motorcycles and ATVs, it seemed like just the right time to sit down and write our Mission/Vision for the farm. Because apparently the word “farm” can mean different things to different people!


Our Farm

It will be a place of awe and beauty.
We want to enjoy the views, wildlife, birds. We want the plants and trees that we add to enhance the natural beauty of the area. We want it to look natural, not polished. We don’t want it to look like a nature park. We will minimize the man-made structures. There won’t be things like signs that say “forest” or “creek”.

It will sustain us.
We want to “eat off the farm”. We want to grow  and produce things that we enjoy eating. We want to eat fresh, healthy, nutritious, and delicious food from our farm.

It will utilize the best practices in plant, animal, energy, and waste management.
The farm will be the place where we give back to planet Earth. We want to be zero-waste, carbon-negative, organic, and free-range. We will use solar and wind energy. We may collect rainwater.


I never thought a home would need a Mission Statement, but why not? I hope this Mission Statement will guide us and help us to stay true to our vision for the farm. So, there will be no mini-trail motorcycles or ATV’s in our farm. They may be mountain bikes. I don’t think we will be buying that chainsaw from the back of a van that a pair of online merchants brought over to our house.

This doesn’t mean though that we are rejecting modern contraptions and amenities! That may work for some folks, but it’s not for us. We WANT our speedy internet connection, nifty kitchen appliances, and comfortable house.  We will not be “off-grid”. We will be connected to the local power company. We want running water, showers and toilets that flush. When I was doing research on different composting methods, the husband said, “If we have to compost our poop, then I don’t want to have a farm anymore!”

This is going to be a fun place. A place to hatch projects and be creative. A place to be with plants and animals. A place to play with space and ideas.

13 thoughts on “Mission Statement for the Farm”

  1. I guess the city-bred folks make more beautiful farms, and we, the real “farm folks” only look at these farms with awe and envy! We take our farms for granted unlike those who just got the land to make a farm. And of course, it makes a difference when the “farmer” has more funds to make it sustainable, productive and beautiful. I think i will be one of your more avid followers!

  2. Hello! I stumbled upon your site while searching for wildflower pictures, and I’m so glad I did! One of my dreams is to settle down in a farm and raise my (future) children there. You are an inspiration! May I ask where in the Philippines is your farm located? I’m on the lookout of possible places to put up a farm and an observatory! I bet the night sky is lovely there as well. 🙂 Thanks, and I hope that you continue blogging about living in a farm!

    1. Hi Bea!
      Thanks so much for visiting my site. Our farm is in Rosario, Batangas. Coming from Manila, it’s past Lipa and before San Juan.
      I hope you pursue your dream. Our country needs more people who dream big and care about nature. You’re right, the night sky is beautiful from the farm.

  3. Hello,
    Nice project!
    How is the farm doing? Do you see an increase in the Birdlife and other wildlife? Do you manage to sustain your family with the farm? Do you know of any similar project in Philippines?
    You might want to check this guy projects in France: Pierre Rabhi, and his “Oasis in all place” project.
    Good luck for the future

    1. Hello! Thanks for visiting the blog and leaving a comment!
      About the birds and wildlife – Yes they are increasing! We are also getting more variety of birds near out house.
      About sustaining the family – No, we are not living off this project. We are planning to plant food for personal consumption. We recently completed a permaculture course that will help us in this direction.
      Other projects – I’m not really sure if there are others doing similar projects in the Philippines. I hope to hear from them if they’re out there.
      Will check out Pierre Rabhi. Thanks!

  4. There is lady working gor the rosario local gove4nment. She has a farm there and h@s lots of seedlings , maybe some useful to your sanctuary/ provide personal needs while there.

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