I’d Like Some More of That, Please

In January we had our first big(ish) group of people over. We were ten! Eleven even, including the baby. There was to be a simple Sunday family lunch, then an afternoon of lounging around and catching up. Continue reading “I’d Like Some More of That, Please”

The Un-Farm?

It’s been bothering me ever since a friend asked, “Why do you call it a farm when it doesn’t look like a farm?” By golly, my friend is right! The “farm” AND the blog are misnamed! Oh no! I’ve been calling it a “farm” all this time.  Continue reading “The Un-Farm?”

Crochet and Video Games. Things I Learned in My Crochet Bubble.

When I moved into my own house, it sparked a creative frenzy. I had all these blank walls that needed paintings. So I painted! I had painting classes and different painting groups. Soon my walls started to fill up. Then I ran out of walls and sort of lost my drive to paint. Continue reading “Crochet and Video Games. Things I Learned in My Crochet Bubble.”