Mushrooms .. I know, they are neither Plants nor Animals

Mushrooms! These just sprouted randomly in the grass. Is there poop somewhere there? I’ve always heard that mushrooms tend to grow on poop.
I posted these pictures on Facebook and got some provisional ID’s.  I also learned that to help with the ID, I should have taken photos of the gills.

Macrolepiota procera

Provisional ID by Ministry of Mushrooms
Common Name: Parasol Mushroom
Reference: Wikipedia

  • If the ID is right, then it is great raw, soaked in butter!
  • If not, it could be poisonous!!

Marasmius sp

Provisional ID by Kar Ina and Ministry of Mushrooms

  • Ministry of Mushrooms said:  “The orange ones seem like it could be the Marasmius Sp. but it seems thatte Marasmius sp. has a dark almost black stem”
  • Kar Ina said: “Marasmius sp.. (maybe M. rotula — difficult to tell without the underside view)”

Psilocybe coprophila

Provisional ID by Ministry of Mushrooms

  • Ministry of Mushrooms said, “The little brown ones on dung could be Psilocybe coprophila”
  • Maryrose Rees said, “Looks a lot like it’s from the Cortinariaceae family. Very common but best not to eat it because one variety is poisonous.”

2 thoughts on “Mushrooms .. I know, they are neither Plants nor Animals”

  1. It does look like one of the Macrolepiota procera… But what is needed is also a picture of the bottom of the hat and of a piece cut of (does the interior of the mushroom change color to organge?). We eat these regularly every year in Europe.

    1. Thanks, I didn’t think to photograph the underparts or cut off a piece. Will examine those parts when I come across more mushrooms. Would be nice to ID, even if I don’t have the guts to eat!

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