Momo’s New and Improved Farm Haircut!

Now that Momo is a farm dog, he needs a great farm haircut. When we first got Momo, I thought he was a Long-haired Dachshund. For the first few months, I kept waiting for his coat to get longer and silkier. Instead, it just got curlier and curlier. After a while, I realized that Momo is probably some sort of fluffy Wire-haired Dachshund.

When we got the farm, I found out that the combination of Momo’s short legs and curls made him a seed and bur magnet! On on of our first visits to the farm, Momo got so covered in painful seeds and burs that he came up to me with a worried look on his face asking for help. After I cleaned him up, he refused to get down from my chair again.

before - long, curly locks
before – long, curly locks

The obvious solution was to clip off his curls with electric clippers, like the Wahl dog clippers.

Source: via Sylvia on Pinterest

If only Momo were not deathly afraid of electric clippers! But, he is. I didn’t think I had the time or patience to teach him not to be scared of clippers.

My next option was to cut his hair with scissors and a comb. This didn’t bother him at all! He would even fall asleep while I was cutting his hair. The only thing was that it took a very long time to finish his haircut.

Then I came across the Scaredy Cut Silent Home Grooming Kit.

Source: via Sylvia on Pinterest

Source: via Sylvia on Pinterest

Wow! I wish I invented this! It is simply a pair of heavy duty scissors with an extra bit of metal on one of the blades where you can clip on a grooming guide. Just as it says on their website, it turns ordinary scissors into manual, noiseless clippers! It is quicker and takes much less thought and concentration than ordinary scissors and a comb. With the grooming guide is attached to the scissors, it is much easier to get an even cut. I was able to easily cut even the tricky sections like Momo’s chest where the hair grows in different directions and the hard to reach areas like Momo’s legs.

And now he looks like this!

after - short and sleek!
after – short and sleek!

And best of all, he can run through the weedy areas without the pain from hundreds of barbed seeds and prickly burs jabbing into his armpits, belly, and legs!

I am still wondering whether or not to trim his ears and face. He still gets a lot of seeds and burs there. But, I don’t know. Maybe with all my reforestation, it is just the right thing to have a dog that sometimes looks like the Lorax. He speaks for the trees!

Source: via Sylvia on Pinterest

Momo as the Lorax

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