Why I Always Bring a Camera

I have an old trusty pocket camera, a Lumix LX5, that I always bring with me to the farm. You never know what is going to surprise you when you’re walking about .. so you might as well bring a small camera just in case! For me, nothing beats the ease and speed of a good point and shoot.

Some people think that carrying a camera is a distraction. You end up fiddling with the controls instead of enjoying “the moment”. Or you become so obsessive about photographing every single thing that you start to become annoying. Barring things like that, I think carrying a camera is a good thing. It helps you see and observe things more keenly. When you’re looking for beautiful and amazing things to photograph, then you end up noticing and seeing beautiful and amazing things! Of course if you’re only looking for jump shots and self-portrait opportunities, then that’s probably all you’re going to see!

I had an eye out for this. Madre de Cacao in bloom! The leaves fall off, leaving the bare branches covered in delicate pink clusters.

madre de cacao in bloom
madre de cacao

And this. Bean pods from the Kadios plant.  This is a favorite in Negros.

bean pod

Ah, of course I wanted to see the Susong Kalabaw (Carabao’s teats)! It doesn’t last long on the tree. The birds gobble them up as soon as the appear!

A ripe fruit! According to our caretaker, they get eaten up by the birds very quickly.

With a name like Rattle Pod, of course I wanted to see the seed pod!

the seed pod

Flowers are always a welcome sight. This is Pandakaking Puti.


Hagonoy, our mortal enemy at the farm! This invasive weed has beautiful white flowers. “At least it’s pretty”, my daughter said.

full bloom

It really is this amazingly red. Lantana, another invasive weed.

an amazingly red Lantana camara
Lantana camara

And also comes in two-toned deep red + orange.

deep orange and red Lantana camara
Lantana camara

And then, one day in the future I will sit down  with my notebook, pen, bottle of ink and do some field drawings!

3 thoughts on “Why I Always Bring a Camera”

  1. How nice it would be to live in the Philippines now! Look at all those fresh fruit and flowers! It’s cold and snowy here in Canada. No fresh flowers outside. I miss summer! 😦

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