Ready, Set, Sprout!

These are  Dysoxylum exelsum seedlings that we sprouted from seeds we collected on a birdwatching trip in Sibulan, Negros Oriental in the Visayas.

soon the leaves will come out
soon the leaves will come out

it's sprouting
it’s sprouting!

We are hoping that they eventually grow into this:

Visayan Hornbill
The female is in front, the male is behind.

A hornbill magnet!

The hornbills would visit this tree every morning and afternoon even if there was a houseful of people nearby, plus chickens, dogs, and construction going on.  When we visited Sibulan before, the hornbills were very difficult to see. So, to have them up close and in full view was very unusual and exciting!

The local name of the tree is Kuling-baboy. One of our friends photographed a different hornbill species, a Rufous Hornbill in Luzon feeding on the same tree. I’m assuming this means that this tree is naturally found all over the Philippines and that its fruit is eaten by the different hornbill species. The husband has seen Luzon Tarictic hornbills in the mountains near our farm. It would be really amazing if we had hornbills in our farm one day!

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