Fruits and Blooms

I cannot wait until the farm cottage is done! Then I can spend days at the farm, instead of just hours. Right now I feel like I am just grabbing glimpses of  the farm.  I walk around and get surprised that things are blooming and growing.

We had to clear an area for the paddock and found the Guava trees in bloom.

Guava flower

If having beautiful flowers was a criteria for keeping a plant on the farm, then the Aroma would be a keeper. This plant attracts butterflies and goats like to eat its leaves. But, we are trying to remove all the Aroma from the farm because its big, spiky thorns are not horse-friendly.

close up of the flower

in bloom

These are pretty harmless, as far as I know.

close up
Sida rhombifolia
Sida rhombifolia
Vernonia patula
Vernonia patula
Cinderella weed Syndrella nodiflora
Cinderella weed Syndrella nodiflora
Tagulinaw Emilia sonchifolia
Tagulinaw Emilia sonchifolia

And this one that remains nameless:

what are you?
what are you?

UPDATE: This yellow flower is possibly Triumfetta rhomboidea, family Grewiaceae or Tiliaceae, Order Malvales. ID was provided by Pieter Pelser.

Soon, very soon the cottage will be done .

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