First Summer at the Farm

It’s very hot and very dry at the farm right now. All our tree-planting activities have been put off until it starts to rain again.

Look at how dry this paddock is. That used to be green!

the paddock

Our focus has been on the horses and the construction. Our stone cottage is up, so that’s one project done. Now we are putting in our water and power systems. We are putting up a second building next to our cottage to houseĀ  a water tank, solar panels, battery bank, plus storage for horse feed and a small kitchen.

This is our water source for now. It’s called manumatic pump. There is a small motor that’s connected to a belt that’s connected to the handle of the pump. When you turn on the motor, you get running water! But, it doesn’t quite flow. It goes “whoosh-whoosh-whoosh”.

the manu-matic
the manumatic pump

Another construction project is this round pen for training the horses.

round pen
round pen

The horses tolerate the heat surprisingly well. They walk around their pasture to graze even in the middle of the day.

But, they also appreciate a refreshing shower!

Batman, the bitey one.

It’s still windy at the farm, even in the summer. So another upcoming project is a windmill so we can generate power all day. And it also gets cool once the sun goes down. Well, cooler. We have yet to try spending the night at the farm and finding out how cool it really gets at night.

And that’s our summer so far!

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