Farm Bird List: June 2012 to September 2014

This is the list of all the bird species we have seen from when we started the farm in June 2012 until the present. So far we have seen 74 species. I only included the ones seen inside the farm.

We have more pictures of birds from our farm on the Birds at our farm gallery of our website

  1. King Quail Excalfactoria chinensis
  2. Philippine Duck Anas luzonica
  3. Cinnamon Bittern Ixobrychus cinnamomeus
  4. Eastern Cattle Egret Bubulcus coromandus
  5. Great Egret Ardea alba
  6. Intermediate Egret Egretta intermedia
  7. Little Egret Egretta garzetta
  8. Grey Heron Ardea cinerea
  9. Purple Heron Ardea purpurea
  10. Japanese Sparrowhawk Accipiter gularis
  11. Pied Harrier Circus melanoleucos
  12. Brahminy Kite Haliastur indus
  13. Barred Rail Gallirallus torquatus
  14. Buff-banded Rail Gallirallus philippensis
  15. Plain Bush-hen Amaurornis olivacea
  16. White-breasted Waterhen Amaurornis phoenicurus
  17. Spotted Buttonquail Turnix ocellatus
  18. Barred Buttonquail Turnix suscitator
  19. Snipe sp. Gallinago sp.
  20. Oriental Pratincole Glareola maldivarum
  21. Rock Dove Columba livia
  22. Island Collared Dove Streptopelia bitorquata
  23. Red Turtle Dove Streptopelia tranquebarica
  24. Spotted Dove Spilopelia chinensis
  25. Philippine Cuckoo-Dove Macropygia tenuirostris
  26. Common Emerald Dove Chalcophaps indica
  27. Zebra Dove Geopelia striata
  28. Pink-necked Green Pigeon Treron vernans
  29. Philippine Coucal Centropus viridis
  30. Lesser Coucal Centropus bengalensis
  31. Rough-crested Malkoha Dasylophus superciliosus
  32. Eastern Grass Owl Tyto longimembris
  33. Philippine Scops Owl Otus megalotis
  34. Philippine Nightjar Caprimulgus manillensis
  35. Glossy Swiftlet Collocalia esculenta
  36. Asian Palm Swift Cypsiurus balasiensis
  37. White-throated Kingfisher Halcyon smyrnensis
  38. Collared Kingfisher Todiramphus chloris
  39. Indigo-banded Kingfisher Ceyx cyanopectus
  40. Blue-tailed Bee-eater Merops philippinus
  41. Coppersmith Barbet Megalaima haemacephala
  42. Philippine Pygmy Woodpecker Dendrocopos maculatus
  43. Red-bellied Pitta Erythropitta erythrogaster – heard only
  44. Hooded Pitta Pitta sordida
  45. Golden-bellied Gerygone Gerygone sulphurea
  46. White-breasted Woodswallow Artamus leucorynchus
  47. Pied Triller Lalage nigra
  48. Brown Shrike Lanius cristatus
  49. Long-tailed Shrike Lanius schach
  50. Black-naped Oriole Oriolus chinensis
  51. Philippine Pied Fantail Rhipidura nigritorquis
  52. Black-naped Monarch Hypothymis azurea
  53. Large-billed Crow Corvus macrorhynchos
  54. Oriental Skylark Alauda gulgula
  55. Yellow-vented Bulbul Pycnonotus goiaivier
  56. Philippine Bulbul Hypsipetes philippinus
  57. Barn Swallow Hirundo rustica
  58. Pacific Swallow Hirundo tahitica
  59. Striated Swallow Cecropis striolata
  60. Kamchatka Leaf Warbler Phylloscopus examinandus
  61. Striated Grassbird Megalurus palustris
  62. Tawny Grassbird Megalurus timoriensis
  63. Golden-headed Cisticola Cisticola exilis
  64. Grey-backed Tailorbird Orthotomus derbianus
  65. Lowland White-eye Zosterops meyeni
  66. Asian Glossy Starling Aplonis panayensis
  67. Philippine Magpie-Robin Copsychus mindanensis
  68. Mangrove Blue Flycatcher Cyornis rufigastra
  69. Red-keeled Flowerpecker Dicaeum australe
  70. Olive-backed Sunbird Cinnyris jugularis
  71. Eurasian Tree Sparrow Passer montanus
  72. Chestnut Munia Lonchura atricapilla
  73. Scaly-breasted Munia Lonchura punctulata
  74. Paddyfield Pipit Anthus rufulus
Tonji’s amazing capture of an Eastern Grass Owl in Karate Kid pose in the daytime!
White-breasted Woodswallows by Tonji Ramos.
Pied Fantail
Pied Fantail

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