The New Forest Trail

When I go walking around with the dogs, I like to let them run around and explore. They’re quite good at staying close by and coming when I call them. Except for Barkley, who occasionally gets stuck in muddy pits of water and can’t find his way out.


There are highter standards of walking when we’re with Tonji or “Papa Tonj” as the dogs like to call him.

Guys, we’re with Papa Tonj now.

This was going to be our first time to walk through the newly made forest trail. Tonji wanted the dogs to stay behind him and on the trail at all times. Tonji designed the trail so that we would be able to enter the forested parts and see birds without scaring them away. The idea is to stay on the path so that the birds don’t feel threatened. They will see the areas outside the path as a safety zone where they can hang out without getting bothered.

This would be cool!

The dogs did great, especially considering that this was their first time on a forest trail! Here’s surefooted Momo easily negotiating the muddy bank during the stream crossing!


Later that afternoon, we returned to check out the newly completed back portion of the trail. I expected the dogs to do even better, since this was their second time inside the trail. At first they did great. And then funny things started to happen.

Barkley was trying, but unable to “wait”.


Momo kept running off the path, diving into the bushes, and rolling around in the plants.


ANTS! Small black ants were biting us!
Retreat! Save yourselves little doggies!


No wonder they couldn’t follow the rules!
It was pretty funny to see them trying so hard to follow the rules and failing.


The End

4 thoughts on “The New Forest Trail”

  1. I LOVE this story Sylvia! Was laughing at Tonji’s regimented trail blazing! Haha. I hope that it will work and you get to bird successfully with the furkids in your forest trail one day (and see the monarch and pitta on the same tree!). Great illustration!

    1. Thank you Trinket! We went in the trail w the dogs yesterday and our caretaker was so impressed he asked me if we always bring the dogs with us when we go birding. Haha!! They look sanay daw! Tonji even brought a stick so he could signal the dogs without talking to them.

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