Barkley the Model

When I get frustrated with drawing birds, there’s always Barkley! You can always count on him to take a nice nap during the day. And look really cute while he’s doing it.

Unlike those birds! When I see a bird perched nicely, I grab my sketching gear! Sometimes, the bird is gone by the time I’ve pulled out my sketchbook and pencil. If the bird stays in the area, then it’s a very intense few minutes of looking through the binoculars or scope and sketching and painting.

At the end, I’m always surprised when I look at my sketchbook and see how few bird sketches I’ve made. It always feels like I drew a lot!

Dinner Time at the Farm

Barkley has this thing about his food. He likes to stare at it. Not in a longing or hungry way. He just sits beside it looking rather upset. What could he be thinking? Eventually, he does eat up all his food. He even licks the bowl clean. And if you try to take the bowl away while there is food in it, he gets even more upset and tries to grab it back.

The long stare.
The long stare.

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The New Forest Trail

When I go walking around with the dogs, I like to let them run around and explore. They’re quite good at staying close by and coming when I call them. Except for Barkley, who occasionally gets stuck in muddy pits of water and can’t find his way out.


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