Fear! Panic!

I was out for a nice morning stroll with Momo and Barkley when to my horror I noticed flowers on the hagonoy! Aaaarrrgghhh! The hagonoy is in bloom!

flowers everywhere!

Oh no! There were flower buds everywhere.

flower here, flower there
flower here, flower there

Even the tiny hagonoy plants were setting out buds.

Really? You’re old enough to make flowers?

It was very discouraging to see so all the flowers and imagine all the seeds that would be following and then all the new plants that would grow from the seeds. What to do? Do I give up on my war against hagonoy? Do I soldier on? Should I make the caretaker go around the fields and lop off all the flower buds before they make seeds? Is it time to develop a new plan of attack?

I decided to just carry on with the old plan of attack and clear one area at a time. It’s satisfying to remove the big plants that have many branches spreading out all over the place. It makes me feel as pleased with myself as the the brave tailor in that old folktale who bragged about getting 7 in one blow! And I console myself by saying that newly sprouted hagonoy are very easy to remove anyway.

So, the fear and panic moment has subsided. I can enjoy the walk and the flowers again. The hagonoy is not the only thing that’s flowering this time of the year!

Not a hagonoy.


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