Tibig Fruits

The Tibig we planted in 2012 has fruits! Look at how it’s grown!

We planted this tree beside the creek. Some say these trees can help recharge a natural spring. It’s usually found near water, so maybe it just grows where there is a lot of water rather than the tree causing the water levels to somehow increase. Or it could be both!

We’re collecting the seeds so we can plant more Tibig along the creek. The seeds are tiny!

November 2012
December 2013
July 2017
The ripe fruits are yellow-orange


Tibig seeds set out to dry


7 thoughts on “Tibig Fruits”

    1. Hi Teresa! It’s supposed to be edible and even drinkable. You can get drinkable water from a freshly cut stem! I haven’t eaten it, but my reference book says it’s edible. We see this a lot in forests. It’s a good tree for reforestation near water areas. Also good for bird because it fruits year round.

  1. At first,i saw it in the ship when i worked aboard as pastry cook we used it in our pastries and desserts out of the can or frozen we called figs, i thought it was a fruit of a tree here in the philippines we called Asis in tagalog ,and then i saw a tree in the back yard of my relative in nueva ecija and just learned that we have it here called as Tibig

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