More birds for August

We’ve been seeing a lot of these guys near the house.

This Lesser Coucal seems to have claimed the bamboo fence as his hang-out.

Lesser Coucal


This week we noticed a string on the Pied Harrier’s leg. I am hoping that the Pied Harrier gets the string off somehow.

Pied Harrier and Large-billed Crow in a battle!


The Pygmy Flowerpeckers are still on the Aratiles tree. Now that all the ripe fruit are gone, they are eating the green fruit!

Pygmy Flowerpecker


This Cisticola was a bit further away from the house. It has become one of the easier birds to photograph. It calls out loudly while perched on an exposed branch before diving back into the long grass.

Golden-headed Cisticola

4 thoughts on “More birds for August”

  1. Hi Sylvia! I am Mikey del Rosario. I’m not sure how I know you but I’ve seen your name somewhere before. Hahaha. Anyway, I’m an avid bird photographer (amateur lang). I get my thrills looking for new species or lifers that I’ve never seen before. May I know where your farm is? Seems like an interesting place to visit and take some shots. 🙂

    1. Hi Mikey! It’s in Batangas, going towards Laiya. We’re doing all we can to make our place bird friendly! I think it helps a lot that the birds aren’t disturbed that much.

  2. Hello Sylvia and Tonji! My husband and I are so impressed with your photographs! We are in the process of photographing the bird and plant life in Romblon Island. It would be our pleasure to share what we have. It is a real need and if we’re successful, we could offer a book to the municipal government! We would like to connect with you if this is at all possible. Maybe we can exchange email addresses? Many thanks!

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