Creatures of the Dusk, Dawn, and Day


My first snake encounter at the farm was a Wolf Snake. On paper,  it sounds like it could be a scary creature of the night. It has backwards facing fangs! It’s nocturnal! In reality, it is a very small and harmless snake that eats lizards and cockroaches. Continue reading “Creatures of the Dusk, Dawn, and Day”

If Only They Were All Butterflies. But No, They’re Flies.

A plague of flies! Right after Typhoon Glenda, we noticed a LOT of flies at the farm.  We would be eating in the kitchen and there would be 10 flies on the window screen trying to get inside. Eww. Continue reading “If Only They Were All Butterflies. But No, They’re Flies.”

We’re Doing Ok!

How many trees have we planted so far?

In 2012 we planted 238 trees. There may have been a few  more that slipped through my official list. We bought most of these trees, but a few were given by friends. Our biggest donor was our neighbor back home who gave us 40 Malabulak! Continue reading “We’re Doing Ok!”