More Birds on the Farm

We are now at 77 bird species at the farm! We have seen 3 new bird species since I posted my farm bird list. Tonji saw 2 Stripe-headed Rhabdornis while he was showing Romy Ocon the Father of Philippine bird photography around the farm. That same weekend we also saw a Grey Wagtail, and several Japanese Leaf Warblers. Continue reading “More Birds on the Farm”

Farm Bird List: June 2012 to September 2014

This is the list of all the bird species we have seen from when we started the farm in June 2012 until the present. So far we have seen 74 species. I only included the ones seen inside the farm. Continue reading “Farm Bird List: June 2012 to September 2014”

Good Morning, Birds!

Mornings at the farm start very early. And very noisily. No, we don’t wake up to the ti-tilaok (that’s cock-a-doodle-doo in Pilipino) of a rooster. We wake up to a dawn chorus! Wild birds sing with extra gusto and energy first thing in the morning. Birders call this phenomenon a dawn chorus. Continue reading “Good Morning, Birds!”

First Owl Pellet! What Not To Do

Franco found the first owl pellet on the farm! Owl pellets are NOT poop. Owls swallow their prey either whole or in large chunks. Since they don’t have teeth, they don’t chew their food. Instead,  their food is slowly digested in their stomachs. Owl pellets are the hard, undigested bits from an owl’s meal Continue reading “First Owl Pellet! What Not To Do”