The Cutest Weed

This is the cutest weed I’ve ever seen! It is a vine with dark pink tendrils. Inside each puffy ball are two seeds. The ripe seeds are black with white hearts! I didn’t get to inspect the dried up balls with the ripe seeds. Something to look at next time I’m at the farm!

Cardiospermum halicacabum
aka Heart Pea, Balloon Vine, Parol-parolan, Matang Kengkoy
It is an introduced plant and is found throughout the Philippines.


It has small white flowers.

When I was taking pictures of the plant, Tara walked up to me and ate the hagonoy that was holding the weed up. No, Tara! It’s the cutest weed ever.


And, you probably shouldn’t be the hagonoy either. It’s toxic!

Update:  Some friends have fond recollections of playing with this weed when they were kids! The puffs make a sound when popped. The black seeds were used for “sumpit” , a type of mouth blow gun.

2nd Update: Photos of the seeds.

Curry Leaf Tree

Murraya koenigii

Family: Rutaceae

Common Name: Karipata

Origin: native to India and Sri Lanka

Reference: Stuart Exchange

This is a small tree. The leaves are used for cooking in India and Sri Lanka. This is different from the Curry Plant. The curry plant has leaves that smell like curry. The leaves and flowers of this tree smell fragrant and somewhat spicy.

This tree is growing outside the kitchen window. We bought it in 2014 from the Mahogany Market in Tagaytay. I thought it was a Curry Plant and that it was going to be a small bush. Surprise! It’s a small tree.

curry leaf tree