Photo Index of Weeds and Other Plants

Click on the caption for a link to the full article on that plant.

2 thoughts on “Photo Index of Weeds and Other Plants”

  1. Wow, this will help me a lot, as i am starting to name our weeds. But we have other terms for many of them. I am not so good with computer tech and language, so difficult for me to make a blog. I wonder how a collage like this is done, haha! Your site maybe one of my good reference.

    1. Oops, I wrote this comment in Dalupang, but meant to write it here:

      So many different local names! I was really wondering whether I should use them at all. Do you have the tree book of James LaFrankie? He has a great essay on the problems with using local names for id. But in the end, he says that if you’re going to be talking to the locals, then it makes sense to learn the local names

      I used to have a blog on blogspot, but I switched to WordPress because I find it easier to use. This photo collage is an automatic feature. You just put in the pics and switch on “gallery” and “mosaic” and it comes out like that. You can fix the order of the pics and choose how many pics per row.

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